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If you are a Vacation Rental Owner/Manager this page is for you.

What is a Story Map?

story map is a combination of maps with narrative text, images, and multimedia content including videos.  They are attractive and usable by anyone online.   They make it easy to harness the power of maps and geography to tell your story.

How can it help me with my business?

As a vacation rental owner and/or manager, you can use story maps to tell a personal story about your property and highlight special spots in its surroundings.  For instance, you can include the top five restaurants or top 10 things to do in your story maps.  Before your guests arrive they already have some ideas on what to expect, they could make reservations in the restaurants, discover that special nook that only guests in your property have the privilege to see, make special plans to visit your recommended local attractions  –  all before they even set foot on your property.  When they get there, they are all set and will have more time to enjoy their vacation instead.

Story map is a great tool to get your guests to learn more about the property and the area around it as told by none other than you, the owner.  This is a tool that could make your guests feel connected to the place they are about to visit.    For marketing to potential guests, a story map when presented with interesting tidbits, beautiful photos and videos, can entice potential vacationers to book your property.

Click here to see a full page sample of a Simple story map.

Click here to see a full page sample of a Cascade story map.

Your STORY matters.

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