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Photo Project Theme Week 19 – Lines

Hello everyone.  This week’s 3P52 theme is all about “Lines”.   Lines when used effectively enhance the overall mood of a photograph.  Lines  could either be horizontal, vertical, diagonal or curved.

Horizontal lines depict strength and steadiness.  Examples can be found in horizons and  buildings.

Vertical lines imply power and stability, like the poles, buildings, trees, etc.

Diagonal lines show a sense of movement or action.  These can be seen in streets, branches, sand dunes and a lot of different places.  They are dynamic and they make the viewer’s eyes move back and forth and, left to right in the image.

Curved lines lead the viewer’s eyes to the subject.  They convey  a mood of slowness but relaxing.  Examples are found in curvy roads, a trail, a swirl among others.


Lines are very important visual design elements and they can make your images interesting.  Try incorporating lines in your images.

See you next time for more of my Personal Photo Project.

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Lodge at Stillman Ranch – Utah

When we were in Park City, Utah, one of the highlights of our trip was our two hour horseback riding at Stillman Ranch.  While waiting for the other couple who are going to ride with us, I took this shot of the lodge.   I was advised against taking my DSLR with me to the trail ride as there was nowhere to safely hold it while riding so I didn’t really get any photos except the ones taken from my phone.


Lodge at Stillman Ranch

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Jordanelle State Park – Utah

This is the Jordanelle Reservoir of Jordanelle State Park in Heber City, Utah.   This park is a popular place for swimming, boating and other water sports and recreation. It also has campground for overnight campers and has some day use facilities.  A week ago (on August 18)  three fires burned 550 acres of land around this area which caused mandatory evacuations of establishments close to the park.


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