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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone!  Today the world celebrates the Earth.  Many events are happening globally to demonstrate efforts to protect and sustain our beautiful planet and its inhabitants.

As my way of celebrating this special day, I created this image as a symbol that humans and nature are interconnected.  With our actions to promote sustainability in our everyday lives, we can help our planet from its further degradation.

Earth Day 2016

Earth Day 2016

There’s a saying that goes “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”   The lives of the future generation is at stake.  We must do something now!

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Photo Project Theme Week 25 – Fog

I don’t like days when there’s thick fog and I have to drive to my workplace.  Every time this happens, I always wish I could just skip work so I can photograph in the fog.  Well finally my wish came true 🙂  On Sunday morning when I woke up, the fog was thick.  I knew this  is the chance I’ve been waiting for and if I don’t go out there, I will miss a great opportunity to take cool looking photographs.   So I grabbed my camera bag and took my dog with me and drove around the neighborhood to find interesting things to capture.

First stop was Lake Pflugerville.  I was able to take some shots of the trees by the water.  I took shots of the dock,  a man walking his dog and a fairly big tree by the water but this one is my favorite.  I love how the trees in the back look as if they’re lost in the thickness of the fog.

Lake Pflugerville Fog

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Photo Project Theme Week 6 – Droplets

This week’s Personal Photo Project (3P52) theme is Droplets.   I made three images this week and I had a great time creating them.

For the first photo, I took shots of the Christmas cactus that we’ve had for years. It is just starting to have some flowers.  I setup my bounce umbrella and my flash because today it was kind of cloudy and I wanted to get better light indoors.  I set the plant on top of a black stool.

For the second photo, I took a dark colored stone and went out to the backyard and set it on the grass.  It had to be dark colored because if it was lighter colored stone, the droplets wouldn’t show up.   There were many little flowers in our yard but I chose the area where there were only two flowers because the others didn’t look as good as these two were.  I used my 12-inch gold reflector to reflect the sun back to the stone.

The third photo was from the needles of a Cypress tree which sits in the corner of our backyard.  The wind was not cooperating with me so even though I started with several droplets, by the time I got to photographing it, the droplets have already been blown away.



For all these photos, I used one tool to create the droplets.  I used this little bottle of spritzer with water in it.  I sprayed the object several times until I saw the droplets form and then took the shots.

water spritzer

I hope you enjoyed the droplets photos for this week as much as I enjoyed making them.   Our theme next week is going to be Kaleidoscope, stay tuned!

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Photo Project Theme Week 5 – Old

This week’s 3P52 theme is entitled “Old”.    Last week,  I had an idea in mind of what I am going to shoot for this theme.  But on Wednesday, I actually came home a little early from work because I was feeling sick.  Today was my first fever-free day since last week.  I had suffered bronchitis and it was tough.  Coughing all day and all night, no sleep, no appetite, headaches, body aches, you name it.  Glad it’s almost over. I still have cough but not at as bad as it was.  So here I am, a few days late with my post.  I had to pull this photo from last year’s shoot in New Braunfels, TX.

This tree is called the Founder’s Oak.  You can find this tree at Landa Park in New Braunfels, TX.  According to this website about Landa Park core samples of this tree taken in 1985 concluded that it sprouted in the year 1700. That means it’s about 312 years old.   How’s that for being old?  As you can see they have built a support beam to support its main trunk.


I hope this tree will last for many more years.

Till next week – I need to start thinking about the next theme!

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