Start your year Right – Connect With Nature

Happy New Year everyone!  Most of us think of ways on how we can make our new year better than last year.  We all at some point in time have come up with new year’s resolutions.  But how serious are we really about fulfilling them? Focusing on key areas of our lives – mental, physical, social, […]

How To Have a Stress-Free Non-Commercialized Christmas Celebration

Did you know that Christmas is one of the most commercialized holidays?  It’s sad but true. Nowadays as early as September, some stores have already started displaying Christmas related merchandise right next to Halloween.  Growing up in the Philippines, I could understand that. Because there were no Halloween nor Thanksgiving holidays there,  as soon as […]

Nature Photo Scavenger Hunt

Three weeks ago, an article that I wrote for a kids online magazine called My Kids Adventures was published.  It’s called How to Have an Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt With Your Kids Do check it out and if you have kids or family and friends who have kids, please share the article.  If you like it […]