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Photo Project Theme Week 1 – Bubbles

I am launching  my own Personal Photography Project which I am calling 3P52.  Every week for 52 weeks (one year), I will be posting photos based on a theme.  This will be a fun activity to practice how to see everyday things in a different way.  For this very first week, I am doing bubbles.

I came up with two photos for this theme.

The first photo is done by mixing water and cooking oil in a clear glass container.  The container is then placed on top of  a colorful background, in my case I used a blanket.   I used two cans of soup to prop up the glass container and give a little space between the container and the blanket. I set up my tripod very low as I was doing this on the ground.  I used my cheap macro filter (not really recommended but this is all I have) so that I can get really close to the bubbles.    I used a shutter remote control to make sure I don’t add vibration on the camera to get a sharp shot.  The hard part for me when I was doing this exercise was that I had a very small glass container and it had a logo at the base center so my shooting area was very limited.  Also, outside it was windy and so the bubbles kept moving. I used my 35mm f/1.8 lens, set my camera to ISO 100, at f/22 aperture and shutter speed of 1/8 sec.   I admit this is pretty cool, but I can not take credit for this idea as I have seen this before from Bryan Peterson (he’s one of my favorite photographers).

Bubbles (oil and water)


The second photo that I made was by using a tall glass which I filled with water and some dish soap.  I blew bubbles into the water until the foam was over and above the glass.  Behind the glass for my background,  I used the same colorful blanket that I used in the first picture.    The settings were the same as above except for the shutter speed which was at 1/10 sec.

Bubbles (water and dish soap)

It’s interesting to note that the oil and water bubbles are round while the water and dish soap bubbles have a lot of corners.

I had a really great time with this week’s theme.  I have no idea what the next theme is but I sure look forward to the next challenge.

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