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Photo Project Theme Week 15 – Texture

Hello everyone.  This week’s theme is “Texture”.

Last Friday afternoon, I took my dog for a short walk at a little park/playground close by and as we were walking I noticed that the sunset was beautiful.   As usual I don’t have my DSLR with me but luckily I have my phone so I shot this photo with my phone and added a texture that I got from this site called Brusheezy.  They have a lot of free textures that you can download to play with.

Adding a texture to your photo gives a different artistic look to it.  And not all photos will look good with texture either.  You’ll just have to play with it until you see one that suits your taste.

There are a lot of tutorials out there on how to add texture and here’s a link to one.  This is from Matt Kloskowski, a Photoshop guru.


Till next week.   Have fun playing with textures!

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Photo Project Theme Week 5 – Old

This week’s 3P52 theme is entitled “Old”.    Last week,  I had an idea in mind of what I am going to shoot for this theme.  But on Wednesday, I actually came home a little early from work because I was feeling sick.  Today was my first fever-free day since last week.  I had suffered bronchitis and it was tough.  Coughing all day and all night, no sleep, no appetite, headaches, body aches, you name it.  Glad it’s almost over. I still have cough but not at as bad as it was.  So here I am, a few days late with my post.  I had to pull this photo from last year’s shoot in New Braunfels, TX.

This tree is called the Founder’s Oak.  You can find this tree at Landa Park in New Braunfels, TX.  According to this website about Landa Park core samples of this tree taken in 1985 concluded that it sprouted in the year 1700. That means it’s about 312 years old.   How’s that for being old?  As you can see they have built a support beam to support its main trunk.


I hope this tree will last for many more years.

Till next week – I need to start thinking about the next theme!

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Jordanelle State Park – Utah

This is the Jordanelle Reservoir of Jordanelle State Park in Heber City, Utah.   This park is a popular place for swimming, boating and other water sports and recreation. It also has campground for overnight campers and has some day use facilities.  A week ago (on August 18)  three fires burned 550 acres of land around this area which caused mandatory evacuations of establishments close to the park.


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Mayfield Park – Texas

Mayfield Park is a treasure in Austin, TX. This beautiful park is home to colorful peafowls roaming freely in the two acre peaceful garden. Events such as weddings and small gatherings are held in the cottage facility. This park is surrounded by 21 acres of natural area where people can take hikes.

There are plenty of subjects to photograph in this park. The park has specific policies and a fee applies to professional photographers who use this park as a venue for photo shoots.

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