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An unexpected blessing

Since I started photography nine years ago, I have photographed different genres such as portrait, pets, events, landscape, nature, architecture, sports, maternity, food, etc. Most of them are for my own personal projects for portfolio building.  Once in a while I receive requests for my service, however most of them are for events which I immediately turn away. There always seems to be a need for event photographers. ūüôā

In October last year, an art consultant from Houston, TX contacted me because she found a photo of Lake Pflugerville that she wanted to purchase for her client, a local hospital. I was so excited! The photo she wanted to purchase was taken at the lake using my Sony mirrorless camera during one of my walks. It was a photo that has a caption of “One of Lake Pflugerville’s docks” that I uploaded in one of my blog posts in 2015.

After several back and forth emails, I found out that they would need to enlarge the photo to 96 inches wide. My heart sank, because I know for sure that this will turn out to be pixelated when upscaled to that size. I browsed through my photos to check if there were other photos that I can offer her that can be enlarged to the desired size. Not wanting to turn her away and lose this big opportunity,  I decided that the best thing that I can do is to photograph the lake again and come up with different photos that she might like. But after some consideration, she told me that she really thought that one photo that she found online was the one that will work well in the hospital, so I had to mimic that photo that she liked, this time making sure that it can scale up.  

Because Pflugerville had not had rain in a while, the lake water was low and the hydrilla and pondweed were overcrowding the water .  The original photo that I was trying to mimic did not have the same condition.  But I just had to try to get the best of what is available.

To ensure that the photo can scale up, I had to take 21 photos and stitched them to become one panoramic photo of the lake. I used my Nodal Ninja 6 with Nadir adapter panoramic head, a Nikkor 60mm lens on Nikon D600, and Manfrotto tripod.

Long story short, the photo was approved by my client’s client. I had it printed on a museum quality archival paper from a local pro printing shop so I can sign it before mailing it to the client. My client framed it and three months since the initial contact with the art consultant, it’s now adorning the cafe’ at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Pflugerville.

Len’s photo in Pflugerville’s new hospital

This whole experience has several take-aways. First and most important in my opinion is to keep shooting and posting photos. Make sure that you put your best work out there. You never know who’s going to bump into your work. Second is that you have to be prepared. Know your gear and apps and what it can do for you. This comes with practice. Third, be friendly and professional. Communicate clearly. And if you were asked to deliver something at a certain date, make sure you meet that date or even better deliver it early. Fourth, read the contract carefully for terms and conditions, payment information, and make sure you understand copyright and licensing.

I’m very thankful to God for this blessing. And now, I leave you with a quote that applies to a lot of us . . .

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. “

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2015 Pflugerville Photography Exhibit

This year, I am participating again the Pflugerville Photography Exhibit at the Pflugerville Public Library. This is a great way to showcase the work of talented local photographers who are passionate about their craft. I have four photos on display. Three of which were printed on 16″ x 20″ canvas, while the other one was printed on a 20″ x 24″ metal.

On display at the Pflugerville Library - Len Bishop Photography

On display at the Pflugerville Library – Len Bishop Photography

The exhibit will run from October 4 to November 18, 2015. So if you are in the area, I am inviting you to browse through the photos at the library. And if you’ve already been there, thank you for visiting. ¬†Now go tell your family and friends about it. This will help spread the word, and hopefully will get other photographers to join the exhibit next year.

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Start your year Right – Connect With Nature

Happy New Year everyone! ¬†Most of us think of ways on how we can make our new year better than last year. ¬†We all at some point in time have come up with new year’s resolutions. ¬†But how serious are we really about fulfilling them?

Focusing on key areas of our lives Рmental, physical, social, and spiritual health will help us reach our optimum well being. As you know, as a Landscape and Nature photographer, I try to share the benefits that nature offers us because I love nature and I’m passionate about it.

So here are some things we can do to reap the benefits of nature and help us move forward to a great fresh start.

Meditative Hiking / Reflection / Commune / Practice Mindfulness

One of the things I love about nature is its potential for peace and quiet. ¬†I say “potential” because I see some people especially from younger generation who go out and hike or walk in the park but have earphones plugged into their ears so they can be listening to something else. ¬†For me, that just totally defeats the purpose of being out there in the first place. ¬†It‚Äôs difficult to find a truly peaceful place these days especially if you live in a busy city or suburb. ¬†A lot of times you have to go far away and deep into the woods to enjoy the quiet. ¬†This can be a challenge to some as they have no means to go far and away.


In the quiet of nature, try to just keep your mind still and forget about your worries and cares.  Try to just think of the present moment and commune with nature. Meditate and reflect. You can do this as you walk or sit in a place surrounded by the beauty of nature.  This gives a very calming effect in your being.  And as you do this, be mindful of what surrounds you, the details of the trees, the leaves, the paths you cross, the rocks, even the occasional wildlife you encounter along your walk. Be one with nature.


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Photo Project Theme Week 30 – Falling for Fall

Fall is my favorite season.  The weather is nice and the colors are beautiful.  I have not seen beautiful fall colors since we moved from Pennsylvania to Texas seven years ago.  So I really miss it.

This year, we were very blessed to be able to go to Oswego, NY to visit my brother-in-law and his wife and enjoy fall once again (even for just a week). ¬† I was so ready to fall for fall once again. ¬†The leaves in the Adirondacks where we were originally planning on visiting past peak ¬†and most of the leaves have fallen but where we stayed, the leaves were just at peak or about to peak so we were there at the right time. ¬† Prior to arrival, the area had 12 gorgeous days but then the wind came and blew a lot of the leaves off ¬†but nevertheless it was still so beautiful. ¬†I loved the crisp fresh air and the smell of pine needles, ¬†the beautiful mix of leaves in shades of red, yellow and orange on the ground, the smell of forest after the rain, the green moss on rocks, and water from rivers, ponds, streams, lakes. ¬†Wow! ¬†Just amazing. ¬† We don’t have this in Texas!

I captured so many photos from this trip that I have not even gone through looking at them all.  But I am so excited to share my photos so I scanned through them and picked one photo taken for each day we were in New York.

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Pflugerville Photographers Gallery Exhibit

Hi All! ¬†I am very excited to announce that this year I am participating in the Pflugerville Photographers Gallery Exhibit at Pflugerville Public Library¬†in Pflugerville, Texas which runs from September 28 to November 22, 2014. ¬†The exhibit reception is tomorrow Sunday, 28th from 2-4 pm at the library. ¬†My display is in the Lantana room. ¬†Refreshments are available so if you are in the area, please stop by and take a look at the work of some of the photographers in the area. ¬† I believe there are some photographers from surrounding areas like Round Rock, Cedar Park and Austin who are joining the exhibit so I’m excited to meet people who love this wonderful art of photography.

Here you can see my exhibit.  This photo was taken by my husband right after he hung my work.

Len Bishop showing her photos for the Pflugerville Photographers Gallery Exhibit.

Len Bishop showing her photos for the Pflugerville Photographers Gallery Exhibit.

The work that I have on display were printed on three different mediums Рthe big one is on metal, the three smaller ones below it are on professional metallic photo paper with Styrene backing and the three on the side are museum quality Giclee canvas.  Most of these photos are from my recent work taken using my Sony mirrorless camera while two photos in canvas (top and bottom) were from my Nikon  DSLR during a trip in Colorado three years ago.

In line with this I am officially opening my online store where you can purchase some of my fine art work. ¬† I’m still in the process of adding more photos so do come back often to see the newly uploaded work. ¬†And for a very limited time (until October 1, 2014 only), I am giving 40% discount on ALL metallic photo paper orders. ¬†Just enter LAUNCH40 as your discount code when you checkout. ¬†From October 2 – 5, 2014, the discount will go down to 20%. ¬† If you are looking to dress up your boring walls or you want to give someone a gift, ¬†grab this huge discount now.

I hope to see you at the exhibit and at my store.


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