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ViewBug Photo Contests

Hey Guys.  Awhile back I joined ViewBug.   This is a photographer’s community where people can join different contests and if you are a paying member you can also sell your photos there.  Members can also award other members and like their photos as well as follow other members.  Well, I uploaded only 16 photos on my free account and tried joining a few contests. My goal was just to have some sort of presence in that community.  I don’t have much time to devote to yet another “social” community as I am already struggling to keep up with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

Recently, I received an email from ViewBug saying that one of my photos was automatically entered in the Image of the Year contest because it was at the top 10%.  They said there were over a million photos entered in 266 contests for 2014.  I was very thrilled!

So far, people have been responsive and I have gotten 38 awards and joined 9 contests.   I am asking you to please visit my wall and VOTE for my photos.  The photos you can vote on are at the top of the specific contests.  I’m happy with that as well.  So I just now looked at ViewBug again.  I should have been sharing my photos to my friends and family to get votes for people’s choice –  so here they are.

Please vote and share!  And THANK YOU for your support.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 9.34.10 PM

Lensshots Wall

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Fine Art America

I recently signed up for Fine Art America to see how it works and see if I can get some exposure for my work.  So far I have a handful of photos but I am planning on putting up more.  I will be uploading photos there that are not sold in my store so that possible buyers would have different options.  My goal mainly is to upload my panoramas and other photos that I think would be good as design for cell phone cases and greeting cards.

They have a lot of cool features that help artists promote their work and one that I just discovered yesterday was where you can sponsor a page so your art work will show on the third row of a search.  For my test I chose morning photos and it seemed to work.  Two of my photos were featured on the third row.  Today though, they changed the link to a different one, so I guess this is a daily thing you have to keep up with if you want your photos easily seen.  I’m sure I’ll play with this some more when time permits.

This is one of the panorama photos I uploaded from our recent trip to Oswego, NY.  As you can see, there’s a Fine Art America logo, I captured it from my page.

Misty Morning at the Pond

Misty Morning at the Pond

I am so new to this platform and don’t really know what to expect and how it all works.  So if you see several posts from me from Fine Art America, I am not trying to spam you, I’m still trying to learn how this works.

To see my gallery in Fine Art America, click here or go to Fine Art America and look for artist Len Bishop. Do come back to see my new uploads, I am still in the process of adding more.  Thanks and I hope you check out my work.

If you have any comments about Fine Art America or if you have used them before, do let me know.

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Pflugerville Photographers Gallery Exhibit

Hi All!  I am very excited to announce that this year I am participating in the Pflugerville Photographers Gallery Exhibit at Pflugerville Public Library in Pflugerville, Texas which runs from September 28 to November 22, 2014.  The exhibit reception is tomorrow Sunday, 28th from 2-4 pm at the library.  My display is in the Lantana room.  Refreshments are available so if you are in the area, please stop by and take a look at the work of some of the photographers in the area.   I believe there are some photographers from surrounding areas like Round Rock, Cedar Park and Austin who are joining the exhibit so I’m excited to meet people who love this wonderful art of photography.

Here you can see my exhibit.  This photo was taken by my husband right after he hung my work.

Len Bishop showing her photos for the Pflugerville Photographers Gallery Exhibit.

Len Bishop showing her photos for the Pflugerville Photographers Gallery Exhibit.

The work that I have on display were printed on three different mediums – the big one is on metal, the three smaller ones below it are on professional metallic photo paper with Styrene backing and the three on the side are museum quality Giclee canvas.  Most of these photos are from my recent work taken using my Sony mirrorless camera while two photos in canvas (top and bottom) were from my Nikon  DSLR during a trip in Colorado three years ago.

In line with this I am officially opening my online store where you can purchase some of my fine art work.   I’m still in the process of adding more photos so do come back often to see the newly uploaded work.  And for a very limited time (until October 1, 2014 only), I am giving 40% discount on ALL metallic photo paper orders.  Just enter LAUNCH40 as your discount code when you checkout.  From October 2 – 5, 2014, the discount will go down to 20%.   If you are looking to dress up your boring walls or you want to give someone a gift,  grab this huge discount now.

I hope to see you at the exhibit and at my store.


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End of the Road

Almost everyday, I take my dog for a walk around the loop where I live.  A little ways outside of the loop there is a road that ends in a farm and wide open grassy area where cows, horses and donkeys are frequently seen.  Everyday when Gypsy and I walk there, I always take a few photos from my phone of the same view where the sun sets.  It is amazing how each day the scene varies because of the difference in the light and the cloud formation.  After I take photos and select the one I like for that day, I do a quick post process using an app on my phone called Pixlr Express.  I love this app.  If you haven’t checked it out, please do, it’s so nice and easy to use.

Here are some of the shots that I have taken for the past month.


One day back in February I actually brought with me my DSLR and was able to capture this scene.   The light was so amazing at that time.  If I’m not mistaken, I probably saw this beautiful light from my front yard that’s why I brought my Nikon with me to shoot.  I am so glad I did.


No matter how ordinary it may seem a certain spot is to you, if you have beautiful light, keep going back there and keep shooting it.  You will end up with something amazing.


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Photo Project Theme Week 3 – Blessed

This week’s theme is Blessed.    For this theme, I have picked a verse from the Bible from Jeremiah 17:7 which says “But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.”

Everyday, I look up in the sky and see the awesome work that the Lord has for us to see and experience.  He’s just so amazing!   I feel very blessed and it gives me hope each day knowing that the Lord is always there for me.

This photo was taken in Breckenridge, CO from Peak 7.


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