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Testing my new Sigma 19mm f/2.8 DN Lens

Early this year, I accidentally dropped my mirrorless camera right before going to the venue of my parents 50th anniversary party.  I was mad at myself and disappointed because I was supposed to use it for taking videos during that special event.  But as I always do, when I have important places to go to, I always bring two bodies with me so that I have a backup, and this practice served me well.

My Sony NEX 6 still turns on, but it couldn’t recognize the lens anymore.  When I returned home, I tried attaching my Nikon lens using an adapter and the camera was able to recognize it.  So it was just the lens that broke and not the camera which was a big relief for me.

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Photo Project Theme Week 6 – Droplets

This week’s Personal Photo Project (3P52) theme is Droplets.   I made three images this week and I had a great time creating them.

For the first photo, I took shots of the Christmas cactus that we’ve had for years. It is just starting to have some flowers.  I setup my bounce umbrella and my flash because today it was kind of cloudy and I wanted to get better light indoors.  I set the plant on top of a black stool.

For the second photo, I took a dark colored stone and went out to the backyard and set it on the grass.  It had to be dark colored because if it was lighter colored stone, the droplets wouldn’t show up.   There were many little flowers in our yard but I chose the area where there were only two flowers because the others didn’t look as good as these two were.  I used my 12-inch gold reflector to reflect the sun back to the stone.

The third photo was from the needles of a Cypress tree which sits in the corner of our backyard.  The wind was not cooperating with me so even though I started with several droplets, by the time I got to photographing it, the droplets have already been blown away.



For all these photos, I used one tool to create the droplets.  I used this little bottle of spritzer with water in it.  I sprayed the object several times until I saw the droplets form and then took the shots.

water spritzer

I hope you enjoyed the droplets photos for this week as much as I enjoyed making them.   Our theme next week is going to be Kaleidoscope, stay tuned!

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Mayfield Park – Texas

Mayfield Park is a treasure in Austin, TX. This beautiful park is home to colorful peafowls roaming freely in the two acre peaceful garden. Events such as weddings and small gatherings are held in the cottage facility. This park is surrounded by 21 acres of natural area where people can take hikes.

There are plenty of subjects to photograph in this park. The park has specific policies and a fee applies to professional photographers who use this park as a venue for photo shoots.

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