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Adopt a Pet

Two years ago today, we decided to bring into our home a skinny cat that was  living in our garage for two months.  We weren’t planning on adopting another pet at that time but this cat had parasites and we thought he really needed to be seen by a vet.  So after a thorough exam, complete vaccination and deworming,  we brought him in.  He was very friendly and playful.  Wherever he came from before, he must not have liked it there. He was declawed but left outside to live. I don’t approve of declawing cats, it’s just not right.

Nacho has grown a lot. He’s healthy and handsome. He’s always fun to play with and knows how to entertain himself. He is an intelligent cat. He loves being brushed. He loves to talk – actually he’s noisy in the morning.  He has very fast reflexes I guess like every other cat.

I’m so glad we adopted him.  Every animal deserves to have a loving family. If you haven’t adopted a pet and you are thinking of it, look first in the adoption centers.   There are so many well deserving pets waiting to be a part of someone’s family.   Make a difference in someone’s life today.



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Photo Project Theme Week 8 – One Light

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope your thanksgiving celebration was great!

This week’s 3P52 theme is entitled “One Light”.  For this photo, I used a bare flash that I bounced on the floor and a little bit on the wall.   My cat was patient enough to model for me.  This photo was taken towards the end of our session when he was getting tired of me following him with my camera.


Next week, the theme is crumpled.  See you then.


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