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What Makes a Photo?

This post was inspired by my recent experiences which led me to the discovery that most people don’t really know what photographers actually do when they create their photos.  I decided to write “What Makes a Photo?” mainly to educate people who have no idea of what the behind the scenes look like as far as creating art through photographs.

A month ago, my husband and I went on a fall trip to upstate New York and visited my in-laws.  My sister-in-law is a member of the local artisan coop where she designs and makes custom bags or purses.   Different types of art such as carved wood, fused glass, painting, and others are on display at the store.  None of the work at the store was created by a photographer – and why is that?  We were told that the person in charge of the coop does not believe that a photographer is an artist. WHAT???  The person said that all the photographers have to do is point the camera to something then click, and the shot is made; that there is no art involved in that, unlike a painter who thinks about what he’s going to paint and uses brushes and paints to transform his thoughts into art.   Hmm….

Recently, I was asked to shoot an event.  I don’t advertise myself as event photographer because that’s not what I do but I thought, sure why not.  In talking to the client, I realized again that a lot of people don’t really understand what goes on in creating photos.  I was asked to shoot and then give all the raw files to the client without edits at a price much less than what I charge.  I had to explain that my business is not structured like that.  I don’t give out my unedited raw files and if edits are asked, that’s charged separately.  Anyway long story short, I ended up not getting the job – but I felt good about it.   The whole deal was just not worth my time and effort.  A client like this is not the type of client I would work with.

So what really makes a photo?
I will explain this in a way that applies to the type of photography that I do which is Landscape and Nature but some of it will also apply to other types of shoot.

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Photo Project Theme Week 9 – Crumpled

Hello everyone.  I hope you had a great week.   Mine was very busy.  This week’s theme is “Crumpled”.

Back when I was stamping, scrapbooking and card making a few years ago, I printed this hieroglyphics image on a light brown cardstock.  I then crumpled it and after uncrumpling it, used my brown stamping ink to just go over the whole thing even on the edges.  Since the cardstock was crumpled, it brought a lot of texture on to the cardstock and the ink added to the effect.  Take a look.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s theme and you are inspired to create your own version of crumpled.


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Photo Project Theme Week 7 – Kaleidoscope

Hello again! This week’s 3P52 theme is Kaleidoscope.  I shot these photos using colorful craft papers and two credit card sized mirrors.   I used my 35mm lens and shot these at f/5.6.  I’m glad this didn’t take me long to shoot and prepare, probably took me about 10 mins total.  It was fun to see the outcome.  Next week’s theme is “One Light”.



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