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Happy Easter!

Almost two years ago when my family and I went to Minneapolis, MN we went to the Festival of the Nations where we got to see Czechoslovakian and Polish egg decorating. From there we were inspired to decorate our own eggs. Here are some of the eggs we’ve decorated over the course of time.

My daughter and I did ours with melted crayons (Czechoslovakian), while my husband did his by scraping the dyes off of the eggs (Polish).


Yes, colorful eggs and chocolate bunnies are festive for Easter but the true meaning of Easter for me is that Christ died and He has risen from the dead!  And for that we shall rejoice!

How did you celebrate Easter?

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Photo Project Theme Week 13 – Light

Hi everyone, I’m back in this week’s Personal Photo Project (3P52) with the theme of  “Light”.   Yes this is a very broad topic since photography is really about light.   But I was reviewing the photos that I have taken a couple of years ago and picked some photos that I think have quite interesting light.

The first photo was taken inside a mirror maze in Minneapolis, MN.   It’s amazing how that a little amount of light placed in strategic location coupled with a bunch of reflectors  and mirrors bring such  beautiful colors that’s pleasing to the eyes.  I shot this photo at a really high ISO of 4000 at 1/20 sec handheld.

The second photo was taken inside an aquarium in St. Paul, MN.  The shark in the photo was just at the right spot where the spotlight was.  I thought the rays were pretty cool.

The third photo was shot in Pflugerville, TX one late afternoon in the fall of 2011.  It was an afternoon when I was shooting some photos of birds by the lake and as I was backing up my car to leave, I saw from the rear view mirror the beautiful light.  I couldn’t pass it up, I had to shoot it so I got out of my car and took several shots.

The fourth photo was an experiment.  My daughter and I were playing with her light emitting toy that had red, blue and green lights.  We took it to a room at night, turned off all the lights and had her point the lights to the carpet.  It’s a berber carpet thus the texture.    I set my camera to bulb setting.  The shot was at 2.3 sec at 100 ISO.   That turned out to be fun and rewarding test.

The last photo was taken during mid day when the sun was really bright.  I just angled the window blinds to the wall and a wooden chest that was against it.  It was cool to see how the light was slightly bent.


I hope you enjoyed this set of photos.  See you next time.  Keep shooting!



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Photo Project Theme Week 7 – Kaleidoscope

Hello again! This week’s 3P52 theme is Kaleidoscope.  I shot these photos using colorful craft papers and two credit card sized mirrors.   I used my 35mm lens and shot these at f/5.6.  I’m glad this didn’t take me long to shoot and prepare, probably took me about 10 mins total.  It was fun to see the outcome.  Next week’s theme is “One Light”.



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Photo Project Theme Week 1 – Bubbles

I am launching  my own Personal Photography Project which I am calling 3P52.  Every week for 52 weeks (one year), I will be posting photos based on a theme.  This will be a fun activity to practice how to see everyday things in a different way.  For this very first week, I am doing bubbles.

I came up with two photos for this theme.

The first photo is done by mixing water and cooking oil in a clear glass container.  The container is then placed on top of  a colorful background, in my case I used a blanket.   I used two cans of soup to prop up the glass container and give a little space between the container and the blanket. I set up my tripod very low as I was doing this on the ground.  I used my cheap macro filter (not really recommended but this is all I have) so that I can get really close to the bubbles.    I used a shutter remote control to make sure I don’t add vibration on the camera to get a sharp shot.  The hard part for me when I was doing this exercise was that I had a very small glass container and it had a logo at the base center so my shooting area was very limited.  Also, outside it was windy and so the bubbles kept moving. I used my 35mm f/1.8 lens, set my camera to ISO 100, at f/22 aperture and shutter speed of 1/8 sec.   I admit this is pretty cool, but I can not take credit for this idea as I have seen this before from Bryan Peterson (he’s one of my favorite photographers).

Bubbles (oil and water)


The second photo that I made was by using a tall glass which I filled with water and some dish soap.  I blew bubbles into the water until the foam was over and above the glass.  Behind the glass for my background,  I used the same colorful blanket that I used in the first picture.    The settings were the same as above except for the shutter speed which was at 1/10 sec.

Bubbles (water and dish soap)

It’s interesting to note that the oil and water bubbles are round while the water and dish soap bubbles have a lot of corners.

I had a really great time with this week’s theme.  I have no idea what the next theme is but I sure look forward to the next challenge.

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