Photo Project Theme Week 23 – Artistic Flare

What is lens flare?  According to Wikipedia, it is the light scattered in lens systems through generally unwanted image formation mechanisms. It is a “non-image forming light” that typically looks like bright streaks,  rings,  circles or polygonal shape which generally reduces the contrast and saturation of the photograph by increasing the exposure without adding any image content. How can we […]

Photo Project Theme Week 21 – Summer

Ahhh ….. summer…   What comes to your mind when you think about summer?  Is it the beach? hiking? school’s out?  pool parties?  Whatever it is, I think summer is synonymous with FUN. Here in Texas, it’s really hot during summer.  If you are outside, shade is your best friend. Once you’re in the shade though, it’s […]

Photo Project Theme Week 3 – Blessed

This week’s theme is Blessed.    For this theme, I have picked a verse from the Bible from Jeremiah 17:7 which says “But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.” Everyday, I look up in the sky and see the awesome work that the Lord has for […]