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Photo Project Theme Week 18 – People Portraiture

A few months ago I had the privilege to shoot this beautiful young lady named Alex.    The first time I saw her, I knew right away that I want to photograph her.   When I approached her and asked if she would be interested in being photographed, she wasn’t really sure and told me that she’s not photogenic.  I assured her that I will make her look beautiful in her photos.

Before the shoot, I briefed her on the clothing and hair and makeup.   She told me that she would have her hair done for our shoot and that she will do her own makeup.  Great!

The day of the shoot came and she said she was nervous.  I told her to just relax.  Everything went well.   I did not have a hard time directing her at all.


At the end of the shoot, I asked her what she thought of the experience.  She told me that she thought it was different.  She was expecting me to just leave her alone to pose however she wanted and the whole time just clicking away as she posed for me.  She said that she was photographed once before and the only time the photographer talked to her was at the beginning  and at the end of the shoot.  The whole time, she was just left with no direction at all on what to do.    So then I asked her which one she preferred and she said that she definitely preferred my style because I directed her.  She didn’t have to think about what pose to do and there was no awkward silence because the whole time, I was trying to make her work on the look I wanted.

The other thing she mentioned was that I didn’t take a lot of photos.   Yes!  that’s exactly what I wanted to do.    I didn’t want to keep taking photos of her and hope that a few of them will turn out good.  It had to be deliberate to make sure that I am getting what I had envisioned.  And the outcome was really favorable.

The first time I showed her her photos, she was blown away.   She didn’t think she looked that beautiful.   She said “I’m not used to seeing myself like this, I love them!   Thank you!”

I used to tell people that my least type of subject to shoot is people but that has changed.

It’s a wonderful feeling when the people you photograph truly appreciate your work.

Till next time.  Have fun shooting!

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Vintage Villas

On Thanksgiving eve, our family stayed at Vintage Villas.  For those of you who don’t know, this hotel is located in the Hill Country in Austin, TX overlooking Lake Travis.  This is our first time staying here and we were impressed.  The location was beautiful, the place was nice and clean and the staff were very friendly.  We really enjoyed our stay there.

I had a great time photographing the area (being a wedding venue, the grounds were very well kept) but the highlight of my trip was the sunset.  I had several beautiful sunset shots from that one afternoon.   The water in Lake Travis was noticeably low but I still got some sunset reflected on water shots.  For dinner, we ate at Hill Country Pasta House.  It’s about 2 mins away from the hotel.  The food was really good, but it was loud and busy.

Our overall experience with Vintage Villas was great.  We are going to go back there again some time.

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Mayfield Park – Texas

Mayfield Park is a treasure in Austin, TX. This beautiful park is home to colorful peafowls roaming freely in the two acre peaceful garden. Events such as weddings and small gatherings are held in the cottage facility. This park is surrounded by 21 acres of natural area where people can take hikes.

There are plenty of subjects to photograph in this park. The park has specific policies and a fee applies to professional photographers who use this park as a venue for photo shoots.

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