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Photo Project Theme Week 31 – Everyday Ordinary

It’s been awhile since I have posted in my personal photo project (3P52) so I thought I’d do one this time.  For this week’s inspiration, I thought about photographing things that most of us come in contact with  – inanimate things that we touch once or even more every single day.  These are things we leave our fingerprints and our scent on.

All the shots today were taken from my Nikon D7000 camera using 18-105mm lens and Nikon SB900 flash. No special setup done as far as background or lighting except for using my flash. Images were processed in Adobe Lightroom and MacPhun software.  One of the main reasons I did this shoot today is to play with the different MacPhun applications.  I used the MacPhun Intensify Pro, MacPhun Focus 2 Pro, MacPhun Tonality Pro.   I got these for Christmas as a present from my husband and so far I’m having a lot of fun with them.  I love the software but beware of their customer service.  Their customer service is close to none.*

But anyway, for this week’s theme I’d start with a doorknob or a door handle.  Everyone goes in and out of doors every day, whether it be the door in your house or a car, there’s a knob or handle that we touch to open and/or close it.  For this shot, you might notice that there’s some sort of texture on the handle itself, and that is because there is.  I added a paper texture and brushed it on the handle to make it look interesting.  I also put some “phun” into it by adding a little bit of motion using the application.

Everyday Ordinary - Door handle

Everyday Ordinary – Door Handle


Next is toothbrush.  Everyone brushes their teeth (I hope) at least once a day. Even young children can hold their own toothbrush and brush their teeth. I wanted to focus the arched design on the surface as I thought this was the most interesting part of this toothbrush.  I took this shot from my bathroom sink.

Everyday Ordinary - toothbrush

Everyday Ordinary – Toothbrush

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Photo Project Theme Week 1 – Bubbles

I am launching  my own Personal Photography Project which I am calling 3P52.  Every week for 52 weeks (one year), I will be posting photos based on a theme.  This will be a fun activity to practice how to see everyday things in a different way.  For this very first week, I am doing bubbles.

I came up with two photos for this theme.

The first photo is done by mixing water and cooking oil in a clear glass container.  The container is then placed on top of  a colorful background, in my case I used a blanket.   I used two cans of soup to prop up the glass container and give a little space between the container and the blanket. I set up my tripod very low as I was doing this on the ground.  I used my cheap macro filter (not really recommended but this is all I have) so that I can get really close to the bubbles.    I used a shutter remote control to make sure I don’t add vibration on the camera to get a sharp shot.  The hard part for me when I was doing this exercise was that I had a very small glass container and it had a logo at the base center so my shooting area was very limited.  Also, outside it was windy and so the bubbles kept moving. I used my 35mm f/1.8 lens, set my camera to ISO 100, at f/22 aperture and shutter speed of 1/8 sec.   I admit this is pretty cool, but I can not take credit for this idea as I have seen this before from Bryan Peterson (he’s one of my favorite photographers).

Bubbles (oil and water)


The second photo that I made was by using a tall glass which I filled with water and some dish soap.  I blew bubbles into the water until the foam was over and above the glass.  Behind the glass for my background,  I used the same colorful blanket that I used in the first picture.    The settings were the same as above except for the shutter speed which was at 1/10 sec.

Bubbles (water and dish soap)

It’s interesting to note that the oil and water bubbles are round while the water and dish soap bubbles have a lot of corners.

I had a really great time with this week’s theme.  I have no idea what the next theme is but I sure look forward to the next challenge.

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