Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone!  Today the world celebrates the Earth.  Many events are happening globally to demonstrate efforts to protect and sustain our beautiful planet and its inhabitants.

As my way of celebrating this special day, I created this image as a symbol that humans and nature are interconnected.  With our actions to promote sustainability in our everyday lives, we can help our planet from its further degradation.

Earth Day 2016
Earth Day 2016

There’s a saying that goes “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”   The lives of the future generation is at stake.  We must do something now!

What simple things can we do on a daily basis that could help?
– Take shorter showers or better yet use a bucket.
–  Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth.
–  Don’t turn the lights on if it’s unnecessary, and turn the lights off when not in use  (my family can attest that I am the light police in the house)
–  You don’t need to turn the faucet on full blast when you’re washing your hands or dishes.
–  Don’t run your dishwasher until it’s full
–  Make sure your tires are inflated properly
–  Plan your trip when you do errands to avoid multiple trips
–  Reduce, reuse, recyle, repurpose
–  Use your washer and dryer only when you have a full load
–  When purchasing food or other items, make sure they came from renewable and sustainable sources
–  Print double-sided and only print when really necessary
–  Turn your thermostat a few degrees up in the summer and a few degrees down in the winter

There are so many more ways you can contribute to saving the earth.  But it starts with our commitment.  I encourage everyone to commit to help save the planet!  After all we only have one earth.

What are you doing today for Earth Day?

Published by Len Bishop

Combines my passion for photography with my love of travel and nature to showcase the beautiful earth that God gifted us with.

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