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Photo Project Theme Week 32 – Instant Inspiration

For the past few months, I have been feeling kind of uninspired as far as my photography goes. I have not gone walking and exploring nature in awhile.  Even going for a walk which used to be fun felt like a chore so I didn’t really go out.  So many beautiful sunrises and sunsets have gone by, yet I have not even picked up my camera to shoot.  For some reason, I just didn’t feel like shooting anything just for fun.  I have been telling myself that I have seen better or that I’ll see another beautiful sunrise or sunset again soon so I’ll just wait.  Who am I kidding?  I’ve lost a lot of opportunity to shoot, and the awesome sunrises and sunsets are not going to be exactly the same. Each one is different.  And it’s not just sunrises and sunsets.  I have had opportunities to shoot some photos of my parents before they left a few days ago to move to another state.  I have always pictured some shots of them in my mind but have not taken time to ask them to allow me to make those photos.  And now what?  It’s too late.  I’ve missed a lot of chances.   And yes, as we know it, regret is always in the end.

Just to get me back into the groove, this past Sunday, I forced myself to walk around Lake Pflugerville as it’s the closest trail from my house.  I didn’t take my mirrorless camera which used to always hang around my waist in my little belt bag every time I go for a walk.  I figured I’ll just walk for exercise and not take photos at all.   But as soon as I saw the beautiful sunflowers, there was a feeling of excitement.  They were not perfect as you can see but the yellow color of the sunflower against the blue color of water and sky was just very appealing to me.  So I grabbed my phone and took several shots.

Here’s one.

Sunflower at the lake.

Sunflower at the lake.

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Photo Project Theme Week 30 – Falling for Fall

Fall is my favorite season.  The weather is nice and the colors are beautiful.  I have not seen beautiful fall colors since we moved from Pennsylvania to Texas seven years ago.  So I really miss it.

This year, we were very blessed to be able to go to Oswego, NY to visit my brother-in-law and his wife and enjoy fall once again (even for just a week).   I was so ready to fall for fall once again.  The leaves in the Adirondacks where we were originally planning on visiting past peak  and most of the leaves have fallen but where we stayed, the leaves were just at peak or about to peak so we were there at the right time.   Prior to arrival, the area had 12 gorgeous days but then the wind came and blew a lot of the leaves off  but nevertheless it was still so beautiful.  I loved the crisp fresh air and the smell of pine needles,  the beautiful mix of leaves in shades of red, yellow and orange on the ground, the smell of forest after the rain, the green moss on rocks, and water from rivers, ponds, streams, lakes.  Wow!  Just amazing.   We don’t have this in Texas!

I captured so many photos from this trip that I have not even gone through looking at them all.  But I am so excited to share my photos so I scanned through them and picked one photo taken for each day we were in New York.

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Adopt a Pet

Two years ago today, we decided to bring into our home a skinny cat that was  living in our garage for two months.  We weren’t planning on adopting another pet at that time but this cat had parasites and we thought he really needed to be seen by a vet.  So after a thorough exam, complete vaccination and deworming,  we brought him in.  He was very friendly and playful.  Wherever he came from before, he must not have liked it there. He was declawed but left outside to live. I don’t approve of declawing cats, it’s just not right.

Nacho has grown a lot. He’s healthy and handsome. He’s always fun to play with and knows how to entertain himself. He is an intelligent cat. He loves being brushed. He loves to talk – actually he’s noisy in the morning.  He has very fast reflexes I guess like every other cat.

I’m so glad we adopted him.  Every animal deserves to have a loving family. If you haven’t adopted a pet and you are thinking of it, look first in the adoption centers.   There are so many well deserving pets waiting to be a part of someone’s family.   Make a difference in someone’s life today.



Remembering a Dear friend

Exactly two years ago today, Zen – a very special dog that touched many hearts, especially mine, passed away.   I wrote a special tribute to Zen and want to re-share it.

I still remember Zen.  She will always be a part of me.


White Christmas

As you probably know by now, I love animals.   They are wonderful creatures that make our life more enjoyable.   It’s been two years since we last visited my friend Linda.  She has a rescue sanctuary for dogs specifically Great Pyrenees called Wayside Rescue and Sanctuary located in Dripping Springs, TX.  Three days before Christmas, we went to visit her again and the dogs.  I saw some old faces I knew and some new ones too.  It was a wonderful sight to see the big dogs and there are little ones too (not Great Pyrenees).  When I first visited Linda in 2011, it was my first time to be around these beautiful Great Pyrenees breed, and I must admit they are intimidating because of their size.  But they really are just big babies.  They are so gentle and loving.   My daughter and her friend got to help Linda give medicine to some of the dogs.  That was their volunteer work for National Junior Honor Society.

Wayside Rescue and SanctuaryWayside Rescue and Sanctuary

The first photo shows my husband holding Rose, Bella and Sam while Linda and the girls are giving medicine to Basil’s ears.   Basil had ear surgery a few weeks ago where both his ears were closed shut because they were badly infected.  The second photo shows Astro.  He is an ancient one. I love Astro’s face.

This is the closest to “White Christmas” as we can get here in Texas.  We truly enjoyed being around these beautiful creatures.  If you are thinking of adopting a large breed dog, more specifically a Great Pyrenees, please contact Linda at Wayside Rescue and Sanctuary.