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Photo Project Theme Week 16 – Multiples

Hello once again to my weekly photography theme.  I’m so glad you’re here.  This week,  the theme is “Multiples”.   Before the weekend started, I thought about creating this scene and I am so glad my daughter agreed to do this with me.  So this morning, I setup my tripod and shot a series of photos of her doing different things.  Then I worked on it in Photoshop using layers and masks.

Thanks Lauren for the great acting.  You look believable! I owe you one.


After seeing the outcome and how much fun I had making this, I’m thinking of making a series using this technique.  We’ll see.  I have so much projects that I want to do.

I hope you enjoyed this weekend’s theme.  Next week’s theme is “Low on the Ground”.


Do all “Garfield” breed cats love lasagna?

Happy New Year to everyone!   I can’t believe 2013 is here!

Last week, I did not post anything as I was enjoying the holidays and taking a break.  We all need to relax sometimes.  I did not take out my DSLR to take photos (I must not be feeling well).  BUT even though I wasn’t really planning on taking photos, these photos that I am sharing this week had to be taken.   I will be so mad at myself if I didn’t take these photos.   So even if these were just taken from a smart phone, I was able to capture the story.

So here goes….
For a few years now, around the Christmas and New Year holiday, I always make the “World’s Best Lasagna”, a recipe I got from    This year, on New Year’s eve, I made the sauce for the lasagna.   I made it ahead of time so that I will just assemble it the next day.  Snow Everest, our Exotic Shorthair cat, waited by the stove the whole time I was cooking.  He’s a vocal cat so you can just imagine that he was talking to me about it, while he was waiting.

The following morning, New Year’s day, I cooked the pasta and assembled the sauce, pasta and cheeses.   I noticed that he’s standing by the stove again… waiting.  He does not usually stand by the stove when I cook other meals.  Not even spaghetti.   And as I stand there wondering, I remembered that he did the same thing last year when I made lasagna.  I didn’t give him any of it as I am not sure it would be good for him.  I gave him some ricotta cheese instead.  He licked my cheese-filled finger with excitement.  Then went to sleep.  He looked contented.

To conclude, Garfield is not the only cat who loves lasagna.    But not all “Garfield” breed cats fall for it, our other Exotic shorthair cat Sweet Cherry did not.


I had a good chuckle at this.  I hope you did too.