Photo Project Theme Week 28 – Beach

Vacationing in Texas in the summer is not something we look forward to.  Because of the scorching heat, we always end up going somewhere cool during the hottest month in the summer.  We love the mountains – the scenery and the things to do abound.  For me of course, I love to photograph landscape and nature so beach works for me too.

Last weekend, we went to Port Aransas, a small beach town in Texas.  It was a four hour car ride from home which included a brief ferry ride that transported our car to the island.  We are not “beach  people”, and probably because of the heat and humidity, the trip was not as enjoyable as I had hoped for.  But although it was hot, I tried to make the most of my stay there photographing birds and sunrise and the beach.  I spent two mornings out on the beach photographing sunrise.  The seagulls were so entertaining.  I also enjoyed watching some of the people especially the ones with dogs.   I wished there were no seaweed but the birds ate them and some of the dogs I saw at the beach actually loved rolling on the bed of seaweed.  The nice thing about the place we stayed at was that the beach was walking distance from it so in the mornings I was able to quickly go to the beach before sunrise.  Each morning I spent at least a couple of hours there until the sun started to get hot.  I even met a nice woman who was camping at the beach with her friend and with four rescued dogs.  I got to chat with her for a while both mornings that I was at the beach.

Here are some photos I took from the ferry and from around the beach area.


My daughter and I went to Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center while my husband was out deep sea fishing on Saturday.  We saw lots of birds, coypus and a 20-25 ft long american alligator.  There were baby birds in the area and  I feared for their safety when the alligator was there, but the alligator didn’t go to where the baby birds where.  I love that birding center. I wish I had more time to stay and photograph birds but we probably just stayed for an hour.   It was hot and my daughter got bored.  If I was by myself, I would for sure be there for hours.  I enjoyed watching the birds in their natural habitat.

Here are some photos from the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center


Here are some other miscellaneous photos from around Port Aransas.

BrownPelicanEating.jpgPortAransas-1876.jpgPortAransas-1883.jpgPortAransas-1889.jpgPortAransas-1916.jpgPortAransas-1960.jpgPortAransas-1989.jpgThe Three Stooges.jpg

Port Aransas is a nice little beach community, but I personally would not recommend going there in the summer if you are not a beach bum.  It’s just too hot for my taste.  One year in November we went to Rockport, TX which is another town close to Port Aransas.  It was very pleasant.   So next time we get an itch to go see the beach, it will surely not be in the summer.

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  1. mama July 2, 2014 at 9:18 AM #

    Very detailed story., entertaining and beautiful pictures. Great job, Len!!!

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